Christopher is a self taught Photographer from the Southwest Florida Area. His favorite subjects are Nature,  Wildlife, & Seascapes. Christopher is a licensed photographer in Collier County Florida where he captures and creates beautiful Nature Images that look great on any  wall. Most of Christopher's work consist of Nature, Wildlife, Fine Art, & Minimalism.   He also offers Portraits and Family Photography. Christopher's goal as a photographer is to capture the beauty of Nature and make it available to purchase for your home and office.  If you would like to know more about Christopher and his work feel free to connect with him on the social media platforms listed below.

       Hello, I'm Christopher, and I would like to share a little about myself and my goals as a photographer with you.  I have enjoyed photography since I was really young, I got my first camera around age 12 and have always enjoyed surprising people with those natural candid shots we all love to see, as well I enjoyed being outside more than inside so I was always out in Nature discovering and learning about my surroundings.  I always looked forward to developing my photos, to see what images i captured and to re-live them by sharing them with others.  Photography in general has come a long way since then, and I have adapted into the digital age, I now shoot all of my images with a Canon 6D, a full frame camera, which is miles ahead of what I had back then.  My experience & knowledge of photography helps me capture the beauty of Nature along with my collection of lenses.   
         My goal as a photographer is to capture the true beauty in Nature,, and be able to share that beauty with the world through , the wall art, framed prints, home decor and the products I sell. I want to establish a genuine relationship with my audience and the fans of my work.  I am always looking for new ways to improve my images and business, and have gradually started doing more portraits and family photographs, and I'm available by request only at the moment.  I take pride in my work, my images that are for sale are of the best quality, and as well as the printing options I allow and use personally.  When you purchase a print or any merchandise from me you can be assured it is of the best quality.  I spend most of my time out capturing images, or looking for places to get new ones, as well as working on this site, my blogs, website stores, and looking for new publishing campaigns to showcase my work.  I am dedicated to making you happy, and you will enjoy every moment of working with me as your photographer whether commercial or for your portraits.  
         Nature has always been my favorite subject, capturing it's beauty is rewarding to me, and being able to share it with others makes me happy.  I also enjoy many different styles of photography, I think it is best to explore the entire realm of photography to truly experience it.  When I created this website it's sole purpose was to showcase a public portfolio of my work and allow people to connect with me and follow my work and progress.  If you are looking to purchase one of my beautiful nature images please navigate the links above, or the use the Shop Wall Art Now button to see more, with prices, and printing options. Get Christopher Lance Photography wall art for your home and office today!  If you would just like to follow my work on social media please use the buttons to connect.


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